quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010


Gente, passou voando um mês inteirinho, sem nenhuma postagem nova!
Continua sendo minha intenção escrever a segunda parte do ensaio dedicado a Fatima
Mernissi, e muitas outras coisas. Mas o semestre está num momento crítico, ando
sem tempo para vários projetos, e ainda escrevendo palestras de última hora, para "atender a demanda"... Em todo caso, consegui escolher mais um poema de
Denise Duhamel para traduzir, e reproduzo aqui a versão original, prometendo ter
uma versão preliminar em português, se for possível, antes do final do mês.


Barbie wonders if it’s cheating
when she dreams of fashion doll boyfriends
Mattel never made for her to play with.
One with Rastafarian dreadlocks –
spun with fuzz, not stiff
like the arcs of a plastic Jello mold.
Another chubby and balding
with John Lennon glasses.
And a third with a big sexy nose
like Gerard Depardieu.
Still, she supposes, Ken is harmless enough.
His pecs kept at bay by her stiff unyielding breasts.
And there is nothing he can force on her
When she’s not in the mood.
She remembers discontinued Midge’s last words:
“Hey Barbie, it’s a marriage, don’t knock it.”
From the stack of boy’s toys across the aisle,
GI Joe occasionally gives Barbie the eye,
though he’s not exactly what she has in mind.
In her box, elastic bands hold back her arms
And the plastic overlay she peers through
distorts her view of the world.
It’s not only a romantic fling she desires:
there are hot air balloon rides,
night school classes, charity work.
Barbie comforts herself
knowing she’s not much different
from the rest of us, juggling gratitude,
ambition, passivity and guilt.

- Denise Duhamel

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