terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2016

first draft

all humans

you, my dear playmate, are no better
than others.  if the deer come to feed
from your hand, it is but a moment. cruelty
is on the order of the day, humankind has
been at it forever.  there have been ovens
and other infernos, but it is the slow and
almost imperceptible destruction that is
preferred.  you can almost pretend
it is nothing, a slip up, a deferred
pleasure, a temporary scare, even a stream
 of toxins that runs clear by the time it hits
 your side of the river.    we don´t speak
the same language.  everything you say
comes upside down or in quotations, except
one phrase:  all monsters are human.  
the patient animals wait on, they hover
for feed and respite

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