sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010


Depois de vários dias de
ponderação, escolhi este poema de Denise Duhamel,
para a próxima tradução:


In the Philippines
women workers in fashion doll factories
are given cash incentives
for sterilization. Body parts roll
too fast on conveyor belts.
It’s not like the famous episode
in which Lucy and Ethel
try a day of work, boxing chocolates
on an assembly line in the U.S. They stuff
most of the quick-coming candy
into their mouths, laugh brown drool
when they are fired because it really doesn’t matter –
Ricky and Fred have good jobs.
To prove they’re the ones
who belong at work, the men on t.v.
make a mess in Lucy’s kitchen,
a pot of rice exploding
like a white volcano. The women
in the Philippines and elsewhere ponder
big business, the benefits
of discontinuing its own children. In dreams
these women package Toys “R” Us Uteruses
while a sterile Barbie, her hair tucked up
inside her Lucite helmet, plants
a flag for Mattel on the cheesiest moon.

Denise Duhamel (from her book Kinky)

Escolha nada fácil, pois o livro está cheio de poemas
muito bons e os mesmos, muito cheios de "desafios" para @ tradutor(a).
Mas vamos lá... logo aparecerá por aqui, a versão!

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