sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

Where are all the men?

Where are all the men?

He’s still driving his flatbed rig
across the highways of America
while Rosa wheels her cleaning ladies’ cart
room to room at the Best Western
in Minneapolis.
She still goes to church on Friday evenings
and on Saturday ice cold on the way to Safeway
with the food stamps stuffed in her back pocket,
  the girls at home huddled under the covers.

Clara, though , married her girl friend.
They went to Canada.
And Mary’s got a new job
in the old narrative order, she's
  keeping the foot soldiers quiet.
Manny, now, is glad to have gotten a girl`s job
he is so sweet to the clients and so beautiful in his beige leggings
And then there’s Felicia
speeding her black horse madly around the barrels
and dreaming of how she would ride the broncs
if only the West were still wild

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