domingo, 2 de junho de 2013

New one of mine (work in progress!)

Noite de cão

This is one of them no-show nights.
Her man gets sidetracked on the way home,
stopped by some friend who pops up, lighting up
bright as an orange-bulbed street lamp
just as a fog sets over the city. An ecstatic
'Man, where you been all these years?'
and grins as wide as embraces are hurried,
and they sit down at the  bar on the corner
on weathered red stools with yellow foam
gaping  from  cracks and  the
 glasses empty, one after another,
as the night shrinks before them, stories
winding up and up and then down again
like a life when it gets stuck at the place
no doors want to open.
Back at her place
his lady is sleeping, television blaring and the telephone
off the hook buzzing alone into the madrugada.

-   Miriam Adelman

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