sábado, 18 de janeiro de 2014

Frango transnacional

Frango transnacional (work in progress)

Pós-fato, the white jellified chickens
travel from Brazilian province to Paris, France
in plastic body bags, their unfrozen juices swishing from
side to side with the movement of the sea.
The t.v. program  then shows us the chicks, thousands
of yellow puffs, suddenly bloating breasts
as round as silicone implants, a French
   reporter explaining the costs
and the balding Brazilian manager,
the benefits of crossing this

ocean. We see a cornfield in the
background, but quickly loose the connection
between green husks, yellow kernels and
packaged poultry. Between workers in white
outfits, plastic boots, and a French housewife
- or is she French? – pushing her shopping cart,
and pulling out the numb carcass that will need
more than a heavy sprinkle of cumin, cardamon

  and paprika to return
   to life.

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