sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2016


In Belleville, today
will be another scorcher.
The  Chinese hookers are out
early, even before the steam rises,
the girls throwing water on each other
laughing as if it were a beach scene
as if life were as simple as 
vacances d'août   waves lapping the feet
of happy couples at sunset

around the corner, restôs still closed
but after the last long hot weekend
kids will be back to classes, women
walking their children to and fro
the safety of routine in peacetime,
 food on the table, minimums.

on my block: commerce and the trade
that never closed,  a whir of sewing machines.
the women and their lone male companion
who spent the hot months making the red
dresses I spy from the window go on
as if oblivious to change and chain,
 happy perhaps for something
they have been spared

- miriam

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