quarta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2010

Workin' on it...

Mais um poema da genial Denise Duhamel, que estou traduzindo.
Curtam primeiro a versão original:

Denise Duhamel (from Kinky, Orchises Press, 1997)

She could be from Japan, Hong Kong, China,
the Phillipines, Vietnam, Thailand or Korea.
The little girl who plays with her can decide.
The south, the north, a nebulous
province. It´s all the same, according to Mattel, who says
this Barbie still has “round eyes”
but “a smaller mouth and bust”
than her U.S. sister. Girls, like some grown men,
like variety, as long as it’s pretty, as long
as there’s long hair to play with.
On a late night Manhattan Cable commercial
One escort service sells Geishas to Go,
girls from “the Orient, where men are kings…”
White Ken lies on his stomach
while an Oriental Barbie walks on his back.
Or is it a real woman stepping on Ken?
Or Oriental Barbie stepping on a real man?
You have to travel to Japan
to buy this particular Barbie doll. A geisha girl
can be at your door of your New York apartment
in less than an hour. Of course,
there is no Oriental Ken.
Those who study the delicate balance
of American commerce and trade understand.

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