quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2013

Analysis (new work-in-progress)


if things were as simple as this-
a world divided into givers and takers-
you and i might be face to face
on opposite sides of the gameboard
 playing out the last round in the only
language we'd learned, tactics  not
meant to inflict deep wounds.

but the mestres tell us it can't be so,
that i, for example, am round as an overfed 
guppy,  at risk of bursting from life -
and yet so hungrily
 return to your door
with my beggar's tin, in my
 Halloween rags,  wading in my wicked
pool of melancholy. as for you, my dear, 
 the word is not yet out  -  so silence is
safer, and lingering in the sunlight,
 listening harder for the pinching

miriam adelman

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