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The Visit - Louise Erdrich

Este poema é de Louise Erdrich,  mais conhecida por seus (muitos) romances publicados,
contadora de estórias sobre a vida de um povo indígena do norte dos EUA (o primeiro e muito
famoso Love Medicine, por exemplo.)

Do livro Baptism of Desire (Harper, 1989) aguardem minha versão...

The Visit

    For Eileen Cowin.

It was not love. No flowers or ripened figs
were in his hands, no words
in his mouth. There was no body
to obstruct us from each other.
The sun was white-hot, a brand
that sank through me and left no mark.
Yet I knew.  And Joseph,
poor Joseph with his thick palms,
wearing antlers.
What could he do but wash
 the scorched smell from the linen?
What could he do but fit the blades
of wood together into a cradle?

The rain fell and the leaves closed
 over us like a shield.
A small light formed and the taper
that held it aloft
was dipped many times in my blood.
Now the being rests in the bowl of my hips.
There is no turning. Already
the nails are forged.
The tree thickens.

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