sexta-feira, 14 de junho de 2013

The Absence - Tess Gallagher

Vou ao resgate meio aleatório de poemas escondidos em livros meio velhos da minha biblioteca.
Vai este de Tess Gallagher, do livro Instructions to the Double (Graywolf Press, 1976). Logo vem

The Absence

I am writing this out of vengeance
which is a hurt given to the self
in the name of another. It has to do
with becoming a purpose
which is an absence not unlike
a gun. A man fired one
into an ocean in back of my house.
It was an act of bravery. The birds
went free because it was my
back porch and an ocean
behind it. He knew a target
when he saw one, those fists loose
in his eye. That is the way of targets,
one as good as another until
you decide. The ocean was there
and a recognition of the gun
for the ocean and the need too
of the man to leave himself out
which is a way of beginning
again. I am writing this
out of vengeance and the word
because has nothing to do
with it. The reason forgets
itself. The man has fired.

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